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I'm really proud of this one, for a number of reasons. I keep trying to send it to Ellen DeGeneres so I can try to get on her show, but I can't get it to send on her web site : (

14/04/10 after working on the Taqsim and Baladi persona's with my teacher applied what I'd learnt in this video.

02/04/10 At long last I've got me a teacher for 1-2-1 tuition, thus far having learnt from Ranya Renee's DVD set on Baladi, this is my first dance practice after my first lesson, to my favourite song, yet an other version of Tahtil Shibbak.

Fun new hafla video!

15/3/10: a Baladi Improv to Fatme Serhan, following critique worked on improving muscle tension during wide hip circles, showing emotive expression, level and bodyline changes and more footwork patterns since the last upload (Rakset El Wadiyya) of my video journal on learning belly dance. I've been learning from Ranya Renee's DVD set on Baladi and also her DVD on modern Egyptian sharki, so haven't had realtime tuition. But I've found a teacher in my local area, she's not taught men before but she is considering the matter, and I do hope she agrees as she teaches the Egyptian styles. And I'd be a enthusiastic student. Meantime, if anyone watches this and is willing to offer feedback, feel free to do so, as without 121 tuiton, I've just been watching videos of stage performers and at home Baladi. I think at some instances I slipped into some Sharki moves. Although I'm fond of the nostalgic and emotional expression of Baladi, I see myself leaning toward modern Sharki, but with homage for its origins. If that makes sense.

I first heard Taht Il Shibbak on Bellydance Plus, a version by Gizira Band. Of all the songs on it, Tahtil and Assim Sharky Baladi were my favourites. Then I watched a clip of Ranya Renee on Youtube to it, and at first didn't recognise it was the same song. The version Ranya Renee danced wasn't Fatme's version, nor Gizira's, but when I heard Fatme's voice it reminded me to pop folk singer called Esma Redepova from Macedonian Bosna, and I think of Romane origins. Fatme's voice, and style of singing to me was reminiscient of Esma in her older days.

Raks Baladi: Rakset El Wadiyya

7/3/2010: 8 months now, this is Baladi improv from a song the Jalilah's Raks Sharki 1: Classical Egyptian Dance Music, performed in a traditional galabeya with a more folkloric attitude and sensual reserve. Any feedback or critique is duly welcome by those who a versed on the subject, or any one else as myself would like to discuss and share.

New video

Awaiting my Galabeya to perform this song, I love the song so much I couldn't wait to just dance to it. This is a rough (unpolished) improv to Fatme Serhans Taht Il Shibbak. It tranlates Under my Window, and speaks of the unrequited love of a woman who sees a former lover pass beneath her window and as she gazes out to him, she sings to herself.

New hafla performance video

I went a little more tribal fusion with this one. I hope you all enjoy.