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Bellydance Video

Bellydance Videos
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This is a community for sharing and viewing bellydance videos.

  • Your post must contain a video somehow pertaining to bellydance. I know it seems like a silly rule, but it probably needs to be said.
  • If embedding the videos, you can post more than one at a time, but any after the first one must be behind a cut. If you're just posting links, you can post as many as you like without cutting.
  • Self-promotion is fine as long as you share a video.
  • All posts must abide by LJ TOS.

If you would like to post a video containing something other than bellydance you may, but please try to keep the post connected to bellydance somehow. Some examples:
  • Music videos (for music to dance to)
  • Movie/TV scenes containing bellydance
  • Videos of other dance forms that may influence your style

Anything else that is off-topic will be deleted.

If you have questions, comments, complaints, etc, please see this post.

Other sites for videos:
Bellydance Videos @ Blogspot